Xbox Series X: The Ascent Producers Don’t Spare Praise for the Console

It’s nothing new and everyone already knows the huge potential that the Xbox Series X should bring to the next generation of consoles. The last ones who didn’t spare praise for the new device from Microsoft were the producers of The Ascent, game announced during the last Inside Xbox.

Neon Giant, one of the game’s makers, gave an interview to EDGE magazine (via Wccftech) recently and explained that the Series X “represents a huge leap forward from the current generation.”

Asked about the differences between current and next-gen consoles, Tor Frick, one of the founders of the Swedish studio, used The Ascent as an example to compare the firepower of the Series X.

“We will, of course, have 4K and 60FPS in The Ascent, which is amazingly fast. Faster loading speeds, it just pops, looks like magic. It loads and it’s ready, it loads much faster,” explained the founder.

Frick also pointed out that the distance and angle of view will be huge and will be full of details, adding to the development processes, which should become increasingly simpler with the help of the device.

“The best part is that it’s getting easier and easier to develop games. So it’s easier to use all that power and spend more time in your creative moments, to bring your creations to life. An 11-person indie studio couldn’t do it. what we’ve been doing 20 years ago,” he concluded. Looking forward to playing with Microsoft’s new monster?

The Ascent will be released in late 2020 and will be available for Xbox one, Xbox Series X (via smart delivery) and PRAÇA.

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