Xbox Series X: we tested Quick Resume, Microsoft’s rapid recovery technology

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The Xbox Series X arrived at the editorial office! More than a month before its release (November 10), we can finally test the first features of Microsoft’s new console. We will publish various articles over the weeks leading up to the release, but today we focus on the highly anticipated feature Quick Resume.

It should be noted, however, that the model we tested includes non-definitive software. Microsoft will release updates regularly by November 10, and the current state of things is not necessarily indicative of the final quality of the retail software.

Quick Resume: a truly next-gen and impressive feature

Widely promoted by Microsoft, Quick Resume is a feature that should delight players in a hurry, and those who like to play several titles in parallel. As the name suggests, this is a “quick resume” technology, allowing the exact state of a game to be cached on the console’s storage, to be able to switch to a game within seconds. one title to another.

Taking advantage of the architecture Velocity from Microsoft, and the console’s SSD, Quick Resume makes it possible to store the state of at least three games, or even more according to criteria which remain for the moment rather obscure despite our tests. Difficult to say what is taken into account by the Xbox OS to choose which game will be kept in memory or not. Indeed it is not necessarily the first game launched in chronological order that will see its state Quick Resume “removed” when launching a 4th or 5th game. It is possible that the amount of memory used to store the game state matters, so resource-intensive games, with assets Heavy 4K and massive RAM usage of the console could conceivably require more storage space than a 2D platformer to converse the state of Quick Resume asset. What is certain is that even disconnected from the mains overnight, the console maintains the states Quick Resume active when reconnected.

Finally, it is currently not possible to disable the feature in the console settings.

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Convincing but variable results

On most of our tests, the average time to switch between games did not exceed 10 seconds, regardless of the type of game launched: AAA Xbox One X in 4K, Xbox 360 generation title, or of the first Xbox. Some games like Monster Hunter World can sometimes take up to 16 seconds to reactivate, but remember that we are on a non-definitive OS, and Microsoft will surely improve Quick Resume over time.

Let’s also not forget that all the titles tested are titles played via the console’s backward compatibility. And for good reason, no next gen content designed natively for the Xbox Series X is yet available to date. We can assume that the first titles next gen will be truly optimized for technology Quick Resume. In the meantime, we have already taken a liking to it, and it is difficult to go back.

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