Xbox Series X: what if the controller warranty had just given us the release date of the console?

Xbox Series X start screen

Yesterday we reported to you that the new official controller Xbox Series X sold the wick concerning the existence of the Xbox Series S. But this controller has many other secrets to reveal yet.

A person who has managed to obtain the new pad Xbox has indulged in YouTube at a unboxing proper form of the joystick. And by registering the product on their Xbox account, the warranty end date may well indicate a release window for Microsoft’s new console.

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In his video, YouTuber EightBitNate has fun comparing his new controller with an Xbox Elite controller and other controllers on the market. A way to become aware of the size of the device.

But the main information is not there. On the ResetEra forums, the thread relaying this video also publishes a screenshot of the page dedicated to the guarantee of the said controller. An image indicating that the warranty of the gamepad expires November 5, 2021.

Xbox Series X controller warranty © © ResetEra

Many then imagine that if Microsoft offers a one-year warranty on its controllers, the release of the Xbox Series X and its accessories would be scheduled for November 6, 2020 (the 5th being a Thursday, and the new video games usually going out on Fridays).

A date that seems plausible in view of previous announcements from Microsoft. But let’s be careful all the same: in the comments, many Internet users are torn about the effective warranty period for Xbox controllers. In France, for example, it is two years. In addition, many believe that Microsoft could put its new controller on sale before its console. After all, it will be compatible with PCs, Xbox One and Android devices.

Via : ResetEra

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