Xiaomi band 4 for iPhone. Opinion after a few weeks of use


We tell you our experience with the Xiaomi Smart Band 4 synchronized with our iPhone. A smart bracelet that has left us a very good taste.

Xiaomi Smart Band 4 (Image: kibotek.com)

After our bad experience with him Apple Watch, we have given ourselves a truce and we have decided to try some device other than Apple and that can supply the basic functions of Apple Watch.

We didn’t want to spend a lot of money and we wanted a watch that evidently gave the time, notified messages, was aquatic and monitored our steps and training.

We informed, consulted, saw reviews of various smart bracelets and, in the end, the chosen one was the Xiaomi Smart Band 4. It has left us pleasantly surprised. We tell you our experience with her after a week of use.

Xiaomi Band 4 for iPhone, the perfect fusion:

Obviously all the functions and advantages that the Apple Watch We are not going to give them this bracelet. But we can tell you that if you are not a person who is not going to take a great advantage of the clock Apple… Why spend a lot of money when there are watches, like the Band 4, that for a little more than € 30 fulfill the basic functions that we all need ?.

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The small size of the device, its color screen, its customization options, its easy synchronization with the iPhone, the monitoring of sleep, training, steps, notifications, great battery life … are highlights of this little bracelet that we loved.

Band 4 sync with iPhone:

It’s very easy to do. Having Bluetooth enabled on the iPhone and following the steps indicated by the application MY FIT, we will synchronize it in a periquete.

If it is not very clear, here we leave you the instructions how to do it.

Xiaomi bracelet screen:

It is Amoled in color and the main screen offers information that, although the screen size is small, looks pretty good. Since it has different types of customization screens, you can always choose the one that best suits you.

The gestures we can make in it are three. Swipe up and down to navigate through menus and press to access them and enable or disable options.

The notifications that come to you, because the screen is so small, if you have problems with presbyopia, it may cost you a bit to read them.

You can set the brightness at different levels and you can program when you activate a night mode in which the brightness is lowered to a minimum.

It is also possible to change the screen skins. We have a lot to choose from:


Screens for the bracelet

Notifications of WhatsApp and other applications in Band 4:


WhatsApp notification

Notifications do not emit sound. They simply make the bracelet vibrate. It is possible to configure various types of vibrations to differentiate incoming calls, messages, WhatsApps….

Images: this would be the OnePlus 7T

In the following tutorial we explain how to set up notifications in Band 4.

In addition, if you activate PUSH alerts in the weather function, it will send you the warnings of weather alerts in your area, which the state meteorological agency sends.

Trainings, steps and sleep monitoring:

The steps are counted automatically. You can set goals for daily steps to try, every time, to be more active and try to overcome the brands you configure.

If you don’t take off the Band, she automatically detects when we go to sleep. When you wake up, you will have a small analysis of the dream that will help you to know the quality of sleep that night.

As for training we have six sports to choose from:

Outdoor running Treadmill Cycling Walking Exercise Swimming in the pool

Battery Autonomy:

It is what has caught our attention. We arrived with 45% and we have loaded it, for the first time, at 7 days. Since we load it at 100% we have not loaded it for eight days and we have it at 57%. Making a projection, we can say that a 100% load can last about 20 days.

Obviously, depending on how you configure some functions of the device, the battery will last more or less. But what is clear is that it lasts a lot.

More features of the Xiaomi Band 4:

The Band 4 It also gives us information about the time, the heart rate, has a stopwatch, countdown, “Do not disturb” function, alarms, locator iPhone which makes it emit a sound to know where it is in case of loss, for example, at home.

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Many functions that complete one of the most complete smart bracelets on the market.

Things we don’t like about Band 4:

We are going to list some of the aspects that we did not like about the bracelet:

Bluetooth the radio is quite short. We hung up one morning. He didn’t tell us the steps so we had to restart it. It has not happened to us again, but that does not mean that we were worried. If it happens to you, to restart the Band enter the «More» menu of the bracelet and follow the following route: Settings / Reset. Synchronization with the iPhone Health app is not complete. The training does not pick them up. Just pick up steps, calories and heart rate. To see the training statistics, you must do it in the Mi Fit app. "Training

Training Statistics

These are the only aspects that we didn’t like about the Band 4. As you can see, you can live perfectly with them.

We recommend buying the Xiaomi Band 4:

If you are a person looking for a smart device that monitors the basics and notifies messages, calls … no doubt this is your watch.

Simple, cheap, complete … you can’t ask for more from a product.

Totally RECOMMENDED your purchase.

If you want to buy it, click below:


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