Xiaomi goes to Google: launches a Chromecast that doesn’t need internet

Behind such a curious name is a gadget that will surprise you with its excellent functionality. Mainly because we are faced with a Chromecast type dongle which allows are project phone screen to tv no need for wifi connection!

Uso del Xiaomi Mi Pai set

The perfect Xiaomi Chromecast for the job

As usual, this Xiaomi Mi Pai Set went on sale through the collective financing platform of the Chinese manufacturer, where it is growing rapidly due to its low price (it Less than 40 euros worth ). It will indeed hit the Chinese market on November 11, so it will be a commercial bomb. More than anything, because this day is Singles Day in China, the date shown on the calendar as it is the equivalent of Black Friday.

And beware, although you can use this device as you see fit, it is capable of connecting to multiple laptops, making it perfect for meetings at work. Cause? You can project the screen of different computers through this curious alternative to Chromecast.

Uso del Xiaomi Mi Pai set

How the Xiaomi Mi Pai Set works

As you can see in the image that heads these lines, The Mi Pai kit consists of an emitter and a receiver. … As for the transmitter, it has a USB Type C output for connecting to any compatible device, be it a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Then we have a receiver that offers an HDMI output to connect to any Smart TV.

You just need to connect the transmitter and receiver to each of the devices and press the button that is on each of them. Thus, they create their own Wi-Fi network in order to connect and be able to project the screen of your mobile phone or laptop in the most convenient way. To end up with the benefits of this Mi Pai set, tell me that the Chinese manufacturer’s new Chromecast is capable of offering Full HD resolution therefore the quality of the projected image will be more than decent.

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Promotional image of Xiaomi Mi Pai Set

The manufacturer has not announced support for this device, so we don’t know if Mi Pai Set will let you play content from platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, but the idea of ​​being able to project the image of your cell phone or laptop in such a convenient way is a value to consider.

Finally, as we have already pointed out, this product will arrive in Asia on November 11 at a price of 299 yuan. about 37 euros at the exchange rate. A really interesting figure, so we’ll have to wait if it comes up, because it could be a really useful gadget.

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