Xiaomi has set up a special group to solve MIUI problems

One of the biggest names in the smartphone market XiaomiTo eliminate the problems experienced in the Android interface MIUI specific wants.

Xiaomi According to the official statement made by the company, a “MIUI Pioneer Group” was established. The purpose of the members of this group will be to identify the problems experienced in the MIUI interface and solve them in a short time.

As transmitted MIUI The interface has been experiencing serious problems in terms of both bugs / errors and performance recently. The company, which does not want these to get out of control, is taking a nice step, if not huge.

MIUI Pioneer Group It is also stated that the people in it will constantly inform about the developments through Mi Community. It is always important to have a strong bond between the user and the company.

We expect more details about this step taken before MIUI 13 to emerge soon.

When Xiaomi comes out with MIUI 13, a good step can be taken in RAM.

You may remember that a nice feature developed for MIUI was released a short time ago. Feature, In case of need, it will be able to use the designated part of the storage unit as RAM.

feature finder Kacper SkrzypekAccording to the information given by , there will also be a customization opportunity for the use of the storage unit as RAM.

The official date that we will meet the Xiaomi Mi 11 series has been announced

So persons transfer / virtual RAM can determine the amount. Those with more free space will be able to allocate more storage space as RAM.

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