Xiaomi is going to update its Mi Band 4 and 5 for temperature measurement

A while ago we told you about a little trick that allowed us to measure the temperature on the Mi Band 4, which is currently very useful when we find out that we are sick, which changes our lifestyle. Now, the Chinese brand wants to streamline this process with new software coming soon to the Mi Band 5 and Mi Band 4.

Update Mi Band 4 and 5 to measure temperature

Xiaomi is working on an update that will allow measure temperature in Mi Band 5 and, for example, in the Mi Band 4 .. The same happens with its equivalent in the Amazfit catalog and its Amazfit Band 5, which already has an oxygen measurement system. In this day and age, when high temperatures are a great indicator that something is wrong, this is undoubtedly a very welcome novelty.

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This is not the first time this possibility has been discussed. In fact, there have been several rumors on the Internet for a long time that the future Mi Band 6 will there are tools to measure temperature, but so far, various clues have not been found in Mi Fi t application that allows you to control the bracelet by pointing in that direction.

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As you can see from the application code, it is likely that, judging by the heart rate received by the sensor, the new Xiaomi bracelets The app can track and monitor body temperature to notify us if something is wrong. In addition, it can be assumed that this new tool will be available for several Xiaomi wearables. Mi Band 4 and Mi Band 5 were in all pools, but what will happen to the previous devices remains a mystery.

How does Mi Band measure temperature?

Easy and simple, simulating what the Notify & Fitness app already does, it is compatible with the bracelet and is achieved through the pulse and, in particular, the heartbeat. Fever causes an increase in heart rate, each 1 ° C increase in temperature corresponds to eight more beats per minute and therefore, if the heart rate increases at a rate of more than 8 beats per minute, this could be a sign that we may be ill and my temperature has risen.

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Of course, this does not mean that the medicine is 100% correct, but it will serve as an indication to go to the clinic or use the thermometer that we have at home to see if this Mi Band notification points in the right direction.

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