Xiaomi literally copies the software from Apple Watch in the Amazfit GTS

Few years ago when Xiaomi was a photocopier of the iPhone and iPad what Apple had in the market, from the Asian company they defended themselves affirming that copying is the best form of flattery. While Apple invest millions of dollars in R&D, the Chinese arrive and copy directly without investing a single dollar.

In recent years, Xiaomi has stopped directly copying the iPhone, because its international expansion would find many legal obstacles in the form of complaints by Apple. However, what you do now is copy the software, not directly, for the same reason, but through other companies that you also own. The last case is that of the Amazfit GTS.

The margin of maneuver that the manufacturers have in the current smartwatches, as in the smartphone is currently very small and most of them look alike. Hunai, a company that has developed the Amazfit GTS, and that belongs to Xiaomi, has been inspired by both the software and the exterior design, although to a lesser extent, and offers us different colors and straps for this model.

If we look at the image that heads this article, we can see how the spheres, by the way, are interchangeable, they are very similar to those we can find in the Apple Watch 4 series, where we can establish different complications. The Infograph Modeular and Activity Analog sphere are the two waits that Huani has copied directly in this Amazfit GTS.

Huami Amazfit GTS

Liquid metal spheres, also available in the Apple Watch, we can also find inside this new device, although the result leaves much to be desired if we compare it with the one we find in the Apple Watch, like performance. By the way, the letters GTS that we find in the name of this new model mean Get TI have Series 4. What you have not managed to copy is the ECG, at least for now.

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This model is more than likely to be officially I did not reach Europe, unless Huani wants to receive a significant demand from Apple, since it tries to confuse users by posing its model for a Apple Watch at a much cheaper price, specifically 120 dollars.

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