Xiaomi Mi Band 5: compatibility on Android and iOS

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has already been presented in China and seems to be one of the trendy wearable accessories this summer. We’re still waiting for news of Spain’s marketing plans, but luckily we know everything about this new bracelet, including its new compatibility requirements.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5: compatibility on Android and iOS

The Mi Band 5 comes with some of the improvements we saw earlier on our website, but there is one thing that remains the same model after model: dependence on our mobile phone. Mi Band 5 loses its meaning if it does not have a linked mobile to which to upload the registered data that is displayed in the Mi Fit app.

Mi Band 5: compatible with fewer mobile phones

But with the new Mi Band 5, Xiaomi has tightened up the compatibility requirements a bit, although it is obvious that most users will not have any problems with this. However, there are many users who go for a walk or run with an old mobile phone and their Mi Band in order to avoid possible accidents with their first terminal. Now the number veteran terminals that the bracelet is compatible with was reduced, although this is not the only weak point of the bracelet, as we have already seen.

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IOS version

Mi Band 5, like its previous generations, is still compatible with Android and Ios operating systems for Apple iPhones. However, in the case of the Cupertino operating system, the Mi Band 5 is compatible with iPhone updated to at least iOS 10 or later, while the Mi Band 4 supports devices with iOS 9. This means that it is compatible with all iPhones from the iPhone 5, in addition to, of course, other veteran terminals such as the iPhone 6. It is therefore not mentioned iPhone 4S and earlier that were previously compatible with Mi Band.

xiaomi mi band 5

Android version

In the case of Android, Xiaomi has also reduced the number of mobile phones compatible with the Mi Band 5. The connection will now work seamlessly on mobile phones that have Android version 5.0 or higher The Mi Band 4 has been compatible with Android phones since version 4.4, which is another difference between the two bracelets. This also excludes many older Bluetooth phones that many use to go out with a bracelet.

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What is the reason

The decline in bracelet compatibility is a logical progression. As operating systems evolve their version, support for older versions is discontinued. In addition, new technologies are being integrated into topics such as connectivity such as NFC or new Bluetooth standards, which can pose problems with legacy operating systems. To this we must add Xiaomi the cost of maintaining its Mi Fit app and bracelet for Android and iOS versions, which are endangered as fewer mobile phones work with these older versions every day.

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