Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite: features, images and price

Mi Wacth Lite, everything you need

Despite the fact that they are a priori simple watches, the truth is that the Mi Watch Lite has all the functions that you can expect from a smartwatch today. Starting from his screen, with a square field format and 1.4-inch touch panel (320 x 320 pixels) with automatic brightness control, thanks to which you will have access to all its functions – there is also a physical control button on one side.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite

With it, you can, for example, track your daily movements (calories, steps, distance) and your sports practice with up to 11 training modes both indoors and outdoors. It includes control of even your pool exercises and resistance to dives up to 50 meters.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite

He does not forget about GPS-GLONASS positioning systems to monitor our rest while we sleep and offer continuous information about our heart rate 24 hours a day (data last 30 days will be also stored so you can observe the pattern and especially monitor any changes). In addition, it is equipped with a guided breathing function to control stress levels.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite

Like other watches of this type, Mi Watch Lite synchronizes Perfect for your smartphone, so you can also check incoming messages, incoming calls and other notifications on your wrist, in addition to controlling music playback.

In terms of autonomy, it includes a 230 mAh battery, thanks to which it is able to withstand up to 9 days , according to the manufacturer. When it comes to charging, it takes two hours to be 100%.

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Price and availability of new Xiaomi watches

Perhaps the benefits of this new Xiaomi watch seem familiar to you, and it is still a version based on the existing Redman Watch launched in China last month. This helps us calculate its price, and Xiaomi has not given an official label yet. Even so, given that the aforementioned model costs around $ 45, we hope the Mi Watch Lite does not exceed 50 or 60 euros at the most – we’ll still have to see which Xiaomi brand is when it comes out.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite

As for the date of its availability, at the moment we have no specific data, although the fact that it is already there even on the official website of the company makes us think about an imminent launch.

You can certainly find it with three case finishes and five different colored straps (pale pink, beige, black, navy blue, and olive green).

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