Xiaomi to Announce MIUI Go Interface for ‘Powerless’ Phones

Wanting to make affordable phones more functional and less problematic, Xiaomi is developing a special operating system for them. MIUI Go interface is designed for ‘weak’ phones!

Approximately 12 years which first started creating its own interface and made Android an iOS-like MIUIIt has been constantly updated since 2010. The interface, which experiences significant innovations on the side of icons every few years, is offered to phones with more features every year. This ever-changing thing is tiring phones that can be considered weak. Xiaomi to change this situation of MIUI Go working on it.

Just as Android Go Designed for low-end phones like MIUI Go Its interface consumes a small amount of RAM and storage, while applications and features are changed accordingly. Xiaomi will launch Android Go, which has been on the market for 5 years, by blending it with the new MIUI Go.

Xiaomi develops MIUI Go for budget phones

In the coming days, its sub-brands of POCO within the C40 Xiaomi, which will introduce the new model, can make its new interface available on this device for the first time. Mediatek as a performance according to the information revealed Helio G35 with Snapdragon 450 positioned between JLQ JR510 Xiaomi, which will place a chip called the phone, will keep the price side very low in parallel.

In addition, the Chinese technology giant, which has worked on MIUI Go so that users do not have problems, may soon launch its interface that appeals to low-budget phones. This may push other manufacturers to design ‘Go’ interfaces in the future.

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Source : https://www.gizchina.com/2022/04/15/miui-go-launched-for-budget-smartphones-with-small-ram-and-storage/

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