Xiaomi unveils a giant aerial tower that you control with your mobile phone

To say that in China, the Asian giant is a guideline when buying a device of this type. Therefore, the company did not hesitate to introduce the new air tower, which features dual temperature and humidity control and low consumption mode. One of the main problems with air conditioners is the very high consumption of electricity, which is why we get scary bills during the hottest months. But this won’t happen with this smart tower from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi tower

The air conditioner with the best energy efficiency

Most of all because the manufacturer took advantage of the introduction of a new energy standard to launch this product, which delivers “giant energy savings” to offer unrivaled energy efficiency. To give you an idea, this portable air conditioner offers energy efficiency far superior to class A what was used before. On the other hand, it performs not only air conditioning functions but also humidity control.

To do this, you can use the remote control to calibrate the temperature to 0.5 ° C for the most ideal temperature … In addition, you can also control humidity in the 45 to 60 percent range. In addition, its capacity is sufficient to cool rooms up to 40 square meters, so the efficiency of this device is more than guaranteed.

Xiaomi tower
You can also control it from your mobile phone

On the other hand, and how could it be otherwise in a Xiaomi device, this low air consumption air tower can be controlled via the Mijia app. With it, you can customize any value according to your needs through your mobile phone. It is also compatible with Xiao Ai, the brand’s voice assistant.

Moreover, this vertical air conditioner has HEPA filters, ensuring that there are no traces of pollen or bacteria, so you can enjoy the cleanest possible environment. And what about its cylindrical shape, designed to take up a minimum of space, in addition to having an LED screen with which you can adjust any parameter of this device.

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In terms of price and launch date, this Xiaomi smart aerial tower will not leave Asia for now. And given its size, it will be difficult to find a distributor who will supply to Spain. It’s price? 5599 yuan, about 720 euros to change.

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