Xiaomi's folding mobile goes through the European Intellectual Property Office, showing a triple rear camera

The Xiaomi folding is on its way, and this is confirmed by the European Union Intellectual Property Office, agency in charge of register brand design rights. Last March, Xiaomi published a video on its Weibo account, showing the design of its folding.

The design registered through the Office matches that of the videos we could see a few months ago, although it adds quite interesting data regarding its camera configuration. This would have three sensors, of which no more data is known at the moment.

Triple camera for Xiaomi folding

Folding Design

The design that we have seen through the Intellectual Property Office shows the graphic representation of the Xiaomi folding, whose mechanism coincides with that of the videos seen a few months ago. The terminal it would bend through two flexion points or hinges, which would cause the sides of the device to bend inward to remain a more restrained size.

Folding Xiaomi Down

At the top of the device we see nothing, no speakers, no ports or any type of jack input. On the bottom, USB Type C port is present, but little else. The hinges are seen from any angle, although remember that these are the design records, and we do not know how the phone will really look.

The design seen through the register allows to see a triple rear camera, in the line of the current high-end of the Chinese firm

The Xiaomi folding will also have three cameras at its rear, as well as alternatives such as the Xiaomi Mi 9, Mi 9T or Xiaomi Mi A3. Although there is nothing confirmed, if you follow the current settings, you would have a main camera, a telephoto and a wide angle, to offer maximum versatility.

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Xiaomi Folding Design

As we see in the timeline, the request to the Office was made at the beginning of March of this year, they achieved registration at the end of that same month, and it has not been until today when have made these graphic representations public. At the moment, there is no news about the date on which this alternative would arrive, but everything seems to go as planned.


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