Yamaha unveils EMF, a futuristic electric scooter with interchangeable battery from Gogoro

Yamaha EMF Gogoro © © Yamaha

Here is an alliance coming straight from Taiwan which will be emulated on the island. Indeed, Yamaha and Gogoro have announced that they are working hand in hand in the design of the EMF electric scooter based on an interchangeable battery.

An electric scooter which, on the other hand, should not flood the European market anytime soon, even if this combination of electric scooter and interchangeable battery in an urban environment has great potential.

The announced collaboration between Yamaha and Gogoro is not the first of its kind. Indeed, from 2019, the two firms worked together around another model of electric scooter, the EC-05. The latter also has an interchangeable battery, delivering approximately 110 km of autonomy between two charges and a motor with a power of 6.4 kW. Should we expect as much from the new kid, the EMF?

For now, few technical details about it are known. As for the motorization of the EMF, it should be close to the EC-05, with 7.6 KW of power, according to data transmitted by Yamaha. Moreover, the EMF must carry a CBS braking system (Combined Brake System), very common on scooters, all with ideal hydraulic disc brakes to bring it to a halt effectively.

What is particularly innovative in the case of the EMF is its futuristic look. In a dress as black as night, with particular cubic shapes, the different elements of this scooter give the impression that it comes straight out of a futuristic film. A modern dimension breaking the traditional lines of Yamaha scooters which could well seduce.

What is the Bios (or Basic Input Output System)?

A very efficient interchangeable battery system made in gogoro

Another very practical advantage, especially in Taiwan where the EMF is soon to be launched, is the possibility of interchanging its battery thanks to an innovative system developed by Gogoro. Indeed, the Taiwanese firm had the idea of ​​offering stations to accommodate the empty batteries of its brand and to receive a full battery in exchange.

A measure so simple that, according to Electrek, 98% of electric scooters on the road in Taiwan are equipped with Gogoro interchangeable batteries. And this system is particularly well established on the island. Indeed, at the end of 2021, there were almost as many “GoStations” (2,215) as service stations (2,487). Yamaha thus benefits from a system already in place, widely used and proven.

Source : Yamaha

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