Yes, the screen always on the Apple Watch Series 5 can be deactivated: what it means for the autonomy of the watch

The great novelty of Apple Watch Series 5 is your new screen always on or “always-on”. Through this functionality the watch keeps the information shown on the screen even if you are not looking at it, like a traditional clock. Apple It has implemented the functionality after years of being requested by users. But how does it affect the battery of the Apple Watch That the screen is always on?

During the keynote we could see in very general lines how this new feature works. Apple indicates that you have modified panel technology and has optimized the clock software so that the information can always be displayed on the screen.

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The idea is simple, the Apple Watch Series 5 mounts an OLED panel, so you can turn on pixels separately and not the entire screen as a whole on an LCD panel. In this way the clock turn on only the pixels that show the time and the rest of the relevant information. In addition to this the illuminated pixels will not be at maximum brightness, but at a minimum and sufficient for the information to be seen.

One last detail is that Apple indicated that the spheres have also been optimized to adapt to this always on screen mode. That is, when you go to “always-on” mode a sphere can change its colors to reduce the amount of illuminated pixels and thus save some more battery.

It can be deactivated, although this probably does not increase autonomy much

Users have asked for this functionality for years, but now that it has arrived, many wonder if it can be disabled to save battery power and increase clock autonomy. The answer is yes, you can turn off the screen always on of the Apple Watch Series 5

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Once this answer is answered, the question to ask is if this will mean an improvement in the autonomy of the watch. To know precisely we will have to wait for the first tests and comparisons of the watch with its predecessors. Apple has ensured that autonomy does not decrease with this mode, it maintains the same hours as the Apple Watch Series 4. However, this does not have to mean that it increases if it is deactivated, or at least considerably.

For the little he has explained Apple the feature in the keynote all points to that more than increasing the capacity of the battery what they have done is optimize functionality very well. In other words, the screen always on will mean a minimum battery consumption compared to not always having it on, but not vice versa.

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