Yo-kai Watch prepares to get to PlayStation 4

Surprises are coming a few hours before Tokyo Game Show 2019 starts and fans of Yo-kai Watch who expected to see a franchise delivery outside Nintendo consoles will be happy to know that Yo-kai Watch 4 is on its way to PlayStation 4.

A few moments ago, Level-5 joined the celebration for Tokyo Game Show 2019 with the revelation that Yo-kai Watch 4: We’re Looking Up is on its way to PS4, after debuting a few months ago in Nintendo Switch. It is worth mentioning that the trailer of this action RPG inspired by the popular franchise, only serves the announcement function, because no details are revealed, nor the release date, although it does have some sequences that allow us to see how the experience in the Sony console.

Without more, here we leave you with the first trailer of Yo-kai Watch 4: We’re Looking Up for PS4 and we take the opportunity to invite you to enter this link, where you will find all the information related to Tokyo GameShow 2019.

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