You are welcome, Applecopy yourself from Android to your iPhone 13

Of course, there are many users who are demanding some of them for the next generation. Apple terminals, iPhone 13 … In addition, they have very little left to finally present them officially. So, it’s time to see the features that every user Apple would like to have it on my mobile phone and which were already on Android.

Features should be on iPhone 13 yes or yes

One of those features or modes that have been around for a long time in Android is Always on display screen. Although the point is that if they want them to be in these terminals Applethey should have AMOLED panels. A very useful feature as it allows us to see information such as the time or some notifications without having to turn on the screen and press a button on the mobile phone.

Possible iPhone 13 design

While this is not the only feature or technology that users of the Google operating system have already used, such as having screens with a higher refresh rate, i.e. reaching 120 Hz

Another advantage that has improved somewhat since IOS 15 system , it’s a notification problem. Because Android has been one level above the American company for years. Mainly because on Google’s operating system, you can achieve more advanced notification management.

It’s also important to talk about advanced multitasking options for more efficient use of screen space. And the fact is, compared to iPhones, there are Android phones that allow users to run apps in split screen mode or as a floating window, which allows them to do multiple tasks at the same time.

How to fix Android app uninstallation problems

While it is true that there are some apps in iOS that are passed to a floating window, this will depend on that app. So, of course, this feature will be expanded in the iPhone 13. But without a doubt, users Apple looking forward to. return of Touch ID … Although we will have to wait a bit for this to be confirmed.

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