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You swear by the favorites in the toolbar of your Web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi and many more), but running out of space? Have you thought about deleting the text to keep only the icon, much less cumbersome?

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Make room for your favorites in the toolbar

There are many ways to quickly launch a frequently visited website. One of the easiest is to click on your favorite from the toolbar.

But the latter can quickly fill up, especially if you do not use folders to store your favorites. Fortunately, it is possible to make a little space very easily, by deleting the text associated with a favorite, to keep only the icon.

The method is very simple and works on most browsers (we take the example of Chrome, because it needed one):

  1. Right-click on the favorite in question, then in the contextual menu choose ” Edit » ;
  2. There, just erase the text and save. Easy !

To download :

  • Google Chrome
  • firefox
  • Vivaldi

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