You can listen to music simultaneously with other people on Discord, thanks to Spotify

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Do you want to share your musical tastes with your Discord contacts? This is possible thanks to a functionality available directly from the instant messaging.

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Discord: listen to music with your friends thanks to Spotify

In February 2018, Discord announced a partnership with Spotify, the objective being to allow its users to listen to their favorite music, from the audio streaming platform, directly from the messaging service.

Since the announcement of this partnership, Spotify and Discord have therefore allowed their members to listen to a song together. The option in question is, however, only available to users enjoying a Spotify Premium account.

To activate simultaneous listening, three steps are enough:

  1. Open the Discord app on computer
  2. Select a person who listens to Spotify from a contact list (visible on the right)
  3. Click on the icon ” Simultaneous listening »

To download :

  • Discord for Windows
  • Discord for Android
  • Discord for macOS

  • Spotify for macOS
  • Spotify for Android
  • Spotify for Windows

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Source : Spotify Support

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