YouTube is testing the translation of video titles

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For the past few days, some YouTube videos have had a new feature: automatic title translation.

YouTube users have noticed a new automatic translation option appearing on their videos. The functionality, currently being tested, applies in particular to the titles and descriptions of the content broadcast on the platform. It is currently only available in three languages.

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Automatic translation of titles offered to a limited sample of users

Even if its results can still be improved, machine translation remains an interesting tool that promotes the accessibility of resources. In particular, it makes it possible to reach a wider audience and improve the understanding of video content by audiences who do not speak the same language.

Aware of these issues, YouTube has long sought to improve this feature. The platform is currently deploying an option that would automatically translate video titles, descriptions and subtitles into Closed Captions. A click on an icon located below the videos allows its activation.

For now, this option is only available for Spanish, Portuguese or Turkish users.

Source : GSM Arena

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