YouTube now in low quality by default everywhere in the world


YouTube has decided to switch its videos to “Standard” quality by default in all countries around the world to relieve congestion on the network.

A few days ago, Google responded favorably to the call of the European Union and decided to lower the default quality of YouTube videos in Europe to 480p. This is now the case all over the world, says the American group.

A risk of network saturation?

The change is made on all media: desktop, TV and mobile. Users still have the option of manually raising the definition of videos, but the operation has been applied to each content.

YouTube thus responds to fears of an increase in bandwidth that operators could not absorb. The population confined due to COVID-19 spends time watching Netflix, YouTube and the like, yet video streaming represents the largest share of internet consumption. And if the networks saturate, teleworking, which has become essential for many people, will become more difficult. This is also why the French government asked Disney to postpone the launch of Disney+ in France to April 7.

Source: 9To5Google

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