YouTube remove violent videos of "children" from your platform

YouTube remove violent videos of "children" from your platform 5

Although it may have gone unnoticed if you are a user of the Google video platform, this week you will have received an email informing you of the changes in the privacy policy of YouTube. The problem is the treatment of videos aimed at young children, but in practice they are the opposite.

YouTube He wants to stop the use of children to take advantage of videos and content on his platform.


The Google video platform says it will remove all content with “violent” themes. The company also announced that “adult” topics for children will not be tolerated. Therefore, the American giant wants to preserve its integrity and that of its users.

YouTube reinforces the control of children’s videos

In other words, there is absolutely no space for undercover content. Hard, adult or explicit topics, with titles, thumbnails or other appeals to children will be prohibited. In fact, this content is damaging the platform since the creators realized that the great audience of YouTube They are children.

It should also be noted that by now the company was already imposing age restrictions on these videos. However, you will now completely delete these marked videos. All this for do YouTube “safer”.

YouTube remove violent videos of "children" from your platform 6

The new position of the platform appears, apparently, as a direct response to the growing public pressure and scrutiny of government entities. Faced with concerns for the welfare, safety and privacy of children, the YouTube It has been subject to revision in recent months in the USA. UU..

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The Google platform wants to preserve the safety of children.

As a result, YouTube permanently remove content that you now consider inappropriate. Please note that you will not apply as warning or cycle to these channels. However, the platform says it will now give the creators a period of 30 days before starting to apply the new and stricter privacy policy.

In any case, the platform reserves the right to remove content that it considers manifestly inappropriate during this initial 30-day period. Also, advise creators to read the platform’s specific rules of conduct and privacy policy YouTube Kids

Children are the great engine of YouTube

The company makes clear examples. YouTube apply age restrictions to cartoons or themed cartoons for adults. Those responsible insist on preserving the innocence of the child, not exposing him to “confusing” issues.

YouTube remove violent videos of "children" from your platform 7

The company also gives concrete examples of non-tolerated content. “Cartoon with needles and inject something» and also warns that, for example, rhymes that contain themes for adults, sexual or violent, even in disguise, will be banned in their content and video library.

Video algorithms and automatic recommendations

In addition to regulatory pressures, there is a growing criticism of the algorithms of YouTube. Especially in view of their shortcomings, they continue to suggest videos regardless of their content. That is, using certain titles, keywords, as well as appropriate tags and hashtags, the algorithm is explored.

The exploitation of these automatic mechanisms has been extensive and advantageous by the creators. Simply put, both for Google algorithms and for children, the results have appeared.

YouTube remove violent videos of "children" from your platform 8

YouTube He is perfectly aware of this, as evidence of the recent tightening of the privacy policy. Therefore, we see that the platform is mainly backed by young audiences, while the creators have also adjusted their record types, calendar and content.

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The consequences of this are also evident. In recent months, we have seen several reports of pedophiles exploring this trend, especially through videos with and for children. Something that transcends borders, with the national case of Team Strada, with very worrying and exploratory contours.

At the same time, we see the CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, adopting a more active stance. By the way, she has been trying to “put out many fires” in an attempt to restore the credibility of this company owned by Google.

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